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Wilson BLX Coral Reef Tennis Racquet

Ideal for occasional to intermediate players, the Wilson BLX Coral Reef tennis racquet produces an ideal blend of power, manoeuvrability and touch. Weighing in at less than 10 ounces, the Coral Reef has a very manageable feel to it, allowing for rapid racquet head speed and quick adjustments. At the net, this lightweight nature means that the racquet is wonderfully manoeuvrable, and the forgiving response makes both powerful and delicate volleys a cinch. The extended length twinned with an almost even balance throughout helps to provide depth and pace from the baseline, as well as increasing reach and leverage to increase spin generation. Overall, the versatile nature of the Wilson BLX Coral Reef make it an ideal racquet for a developing all court player seeking a manoeuvrable, lightweight weapon of choice.


Source: rackets