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Wilson Envy 100 Tennis Racquet

If you want to add more spin and controlled pace to your game, then the Wilson envy 100 could be the tennis racquet for you. Weighing in at a round ten ounces and evenly balanced this racquet allows you full fast swings from the baseline and will reward you with good zip and depth to your groundstrokes. Made with a Basalt composition, the feel of the racquet is also impressive, being stable, forgiving and less prone to vibrations even if you miss the centre of the racquet. The open 16 x 20 string pattern gives you plenty of scope for spin generation and makes quality topspin strokes and slices accessible to everyone. At the net, the Wilson Envy 100 has a quick feel and high mobility making rapid readjustment much easier to deal with quality passing shots or pesky net cords.


Source: rackets