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Wilson Juice 100L Tennis Racquet

Fans of the Wilson Juice range who have been searching for a tennis racquet with all of their benefits but increased maneuverability and a more heady heavy balance, needed look no further than the Wilson Juice 100L. This is a comfortable and easy swinging racquet which provides a great level of controlled power. The open 16 x 18 string pattern offers a clean and lively feel when the ball hits the strings, and allows the skilled player to impart a great deal of spin. The head heavy balance benefits this racquet in a couple of ways; firstly it adds to the stability of the racquet as you hit through the ball and secondly offers some extra mass-based power. At the net, this racquet is faster and more responsive than you may expect from an 11 ounce piece and the stable crisp response remains on the volley.


Source: rackets