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The Wimbledon Press Moment You Have To See

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Andy Murray uses his talents to entertain tennis fans throughout the world. But on Saturday, he pleasured a new audience: the press. 
The former World No. 1, who will begin his Wimbledon campaign against Benoit Paire, was in the middle of analysing the Frenchman’s game when cheers were heard in the interview room, interrupting the Scot’s response. 
“I can’t believe I’m missing this match,” Murray said. “It’s like 4-2 or something.”

Murray did his press conference during the second half of a Round of 16 World Cup match between France and Argentina. A reporter corrected Murray, saying France was leading 3-2. And the 31-year-old responded with a perfect joke: “Should we just go?”
Don’t worry, Murray stayed to fulfill the rest of his press obligations. But soon after, it was off to watch the rest of the football match. And Murray did not turn out to be Nostradamus. The final score? France 4, Argentina 3.

Source: ATP