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Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90 Tennis Racquet

Roger Federer’s racquet of choice, the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90 has a proven pedigree as a top class tennis racquet for the best players. The racquet is specially designed to provide precision, control and a natural and stable feel throughout. At 12.6 ounces, this is a weighty racquet and players with developed and fast swings can produce punishingly powerful and deep ground strokes with this piece of equipment. The beautiful touch and fell of the racquet is further enhanced by basalt technology in the handle which gives the player a better connection to both the racquet and the ball. At the net, it is the control of this racquet which is particularly impressive, allowing a player to pick out the lines even from the most powerful passing attempts. This is a truly impressive racquet; Roger Federer chooses it for a reason.


Source: rackets