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Wilson BLX Pro Staff 100L Tennis Racquet

The Wilson BLX Pro Staff 100L is the ideal tennis racquet for the player who wants to bamboozle their opponents with copious amounts of spin. The racquet boasts a 100 square inch head size and an open 16 x 18 string pattern, which is optimised for really add bite to the ball on impact and producing spin. The lightweight nature and head light balance of the racquet is also perfect for allowing fast, full swings at the baseline, further increasing the potential for spin generation offered by the racquet. At the net, the racquet feels fast and mobile, and the inclusion of Basalt technology adds to the favourable feel of the racquet when striking volleys. For the player who consistently wants to produce lots of spin on their shots, the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 100L tennis racket is a must have.


Source: rackets