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Wilson BLX Juice Pro Tennis Racquet

The Wilson BLX Juice Pro is an advanced tennis racquet, which is ideal for a highly proficient player who wants to add that extra little edge to their playing style. The racquet is 27.25 inches in length and tips the scales at just less than 12 ounces and as such in the right hands can be used to create an astonishing amount of power. The innovative 16 x 20 string pattern produces a lively feel, and provides access to spin, whilst also aiding control and accuracy. Despite the considerable weight, the head light balance of the racquet keeps maneuverability at the net high, allowing you to follow in your crushing ground strokes with confidence. Overall, the Wilson BLX Juice Pro does provide an excellent combination of power and control, and is perfect for an advanced player who is not scared to mix it all over the court.


Source: rackets