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Wilson BLX Juice 108 Tennis Racquet

The Wilson BLX Juice 108 is a quality lightweight tennis racquet which twins good levels of power with excellent manoeuvrability. Its 108 square inch head size provides a large hitting area and includes a generous sweet spot assisting players in the placement and power of their ground strokes. Measuring 27 and a quarter inches, this racquet’s extra length provides improved reach and leverage, allowing for rapid racquet head speed and therefore ease of access to spin. The Wilson BLX Juice 108 tennis racket also includes both Amplifeel Technology and a Comfort hybrid Grip which combine to create a clean yet forgiving feel when you strike the ball. Due to its lightweight, generous hitting area and forgiving feel this racquet is ideal for players of all abilities who want an excellent racquet to help hone their skills.


Source: rackets