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Wilson Blade 98 (16 X 19) Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Blade 98 (16 x 19) tennis racquet is the perfect racquet to twin power and spin to create a potent and impressive playing style. With a near even balance throughout the 27 inch length this racquet can help to keep ground strokes both powerful and accurate. The open 16 x 19 string pattern allows for an increased level of spin generation and control from service, groundstrokes and in your approach play helping to keep your opponent on the back foot. The addition of Amplifeel Technology means that the Wilson Blade 98 (16 x 19) Racquet also has a more forgiving and natural feel, as it helps to increase stability and reduce unwanted vibration. At the net this solid, clean feel is very gratifying and allows for accurate touch and power volleys.


Source: rackets