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Head Youtek IG Radical Pro Tennis Racquet

Few players have made more of an impact on the world game in recent years than Andy Murray, and the Head YOUTEK IG Radical Pro is the racquet which has helped the Brit to do so. This tennis racquet includes Innegra Technology which produces an enhanced natural feel and reduces harmful vibrations. With a reduced 98 square inch head, this racquet provides a more precise hitting area for improved accuracy and control of shot. The 16 x 19 string pattern enhances the level of spin control offered by the racquet, whilst the healthy swing weight allows you to put plenty of oomph behind your ground strokes. At the net, the stability and natural feel of the racquet make delicate touch volleys easier and can add drop volleys to your repertoire. For skilled players, this is a perfect partner to further develop your game.


Source: rackets