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Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid Tennis Racquet

Heavier racquets with great feel and stability can sometimes prove hard to come by, but the Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Mid tennis racquet is exactly that. Weighing in at 12.3 ounces, this racquet offers significant weight to plough into your groundstrokes and in the right hands, this can lead to punishing serves, returns and ground strokes. The tight 18 x 20 string pattern helps to combine control and touch with this considerable power, and this is particularly impressive at the net, where controlled precision and extreme power of the racquet provide a formidable combination. On serve, the length, weight and string pattern of the racquet make power and accuracy easier to achieve and this can really make your service a potent weapon. Players with the strength to wield, this mighty racquet will be readily rewarded with an excellent weapon of choice.


Source: rackets