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Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0 Tennis Racquet

This Pro 2.0 version of the Head YOUTEK IG Extreme tennis racquet is an updated version of an already excellent racquet. The addition of S-Tech Grommets expands the sweet spot of the racquet as well as helping to reduce unwanted vibration and therefore create a more stable feel. This expanded sweet spot also helps to provide added pop both from the baseline and at the net. The Extreme Pro 2.0 is the heaviest racquet of the range, weighing in at a considerable 11.8 ounces, which means that in the right hands, this racquet can be used to generate immense pace and power. The weight distribution of the racquet, which is head-light, makes it easier to generate fast racquet head speed, which combined with the mass which you can put behind the ball makes this a perfect racquet for hitting bomb serves and crushing ground strokes.


Source: rackets