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Head Youtek IG d. Edition Prestige Midplus Tennis Racquet

The Limited Edition Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Midplus tennis racquet has been created by Head to mark the 25 year existence of one of their most well known and popular racquet ranges. The racquet is a truly control-oriented piece offering precision and accuracy from the baseline. This control is further enhanced by the tight 18 x 20 string pattern, which also creates a solid, crisp and responsive feel anywhere on court. Despite this tighter string pattern, this limited edition racquet also does offer good access to spin making topspin and slice shots gratifyingly easy to achieve. At the net, the solidity and control of this racquet really tell, making telling volleys a put-aways a cinch. Overall, this limited edition racquet is a truly versatile piece perfect for the all court player who wishes to pressure their opponent from the baseline, with their approach play and at the net.


Source: rackets