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Head Youtek Graphene Speed Rev Tennis Racquet

The Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Rev tennis racquet utilises all of the benefits of graphene technology to produce a light weight and mobile racquet. At the baseline, this light weighting racket will benefit players who like to remain mobile and get a lot of pace in their swing to provide zip and spin. This spin potential is increased further by the open 16 x 19 string pattern, making topspin shots and slices a delight to play. At the net, the mobility and maneuverability of the racquet really pays off, allowing for quick movement and re-adjustments to make accurate volleying and quality put-aways a real cinch. When volleying, the head heavy balance also comes into its own, adding stability and control to the maneuverability of this lightweight racquet. Overall, the Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Rev racket is light mobile and user friendly, making it a very versatile racquet.


Source: rackets