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Head Youtek Graphene Speed Pro Tennis Racquet

Any fan of modern tennis will tell you that the game of Novak Djokovic is one of the most impressive styles ever seen on court. The Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro is the racquet that the great Serbian uses to destroy his opponents, and can help to lift your game to another level. The tight 18 x 20 swing pattern is specially optimised to supply control of direction especially from the baseline, allowing players to stay in even the most gruelling of points. This directional control is invaluable on serve and also with approach play, allowing a player to try more adventurous shots with less risk. This 11.7 ounce tennis racquet will reward players with a rapid swing with an impressive amount of power generation, whilst the world class control helps to ensure that more often than not, your power strokes will stay inside the baseline. This racquet is ideal for baseline players with excellent mobility and an aggressive streak.


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