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Head Youtek Graphene Speed MP Tennis Racquet

At 11 ounces, the Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed MP is one of the heaviest of Head’s Graphene tennis racquets and as such, is perfect for generating extra power. From the baseline, this extra weight combined with a precise and crisp feel allows players to increase their aggression and turn more of their groundstrokes into winners. The 16 x 19 string pattern also means that the Graphene Speed MP is a great racquet for imparting high levels of spin on the ball which is particularly potent when twinned with a fast swing. At 27 inches this racquet also offers excellent reach and leverage, further improving the pace and spin potential of the racquet. At the net the stable feel and 100 square inch head makes this a responsive and accurate, as well as powerful racquet.


Source: rackets