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Head Youtek Graphene Prestige PWR Tennis Racquet

The YOUTEK Graphene PWR Prestige is a tennis racquet offering the performance and class of Head’s Prestige series to beginners. Weighing in at just 9.7 ounces but at an impressive 27.3 inch length, this racquet provides an ease of mobility and quick swing speed that makes generation of power and spin almost effortless. The graphene in the shaft not only keeps the weight down, but also helps to keep the racquet stable and provide a crisp and more forgiving feel. The 107 square inch head helps players to control their strokes and maintain accuracy both from the baseline and at the net, and combined with the length makes adding action to your serve much easier. Overall, this is an ideal racquet for an enthusiastic player looking for a versatile and useful weapon to enhance their game.


Source: rackets