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Head Youtek Graphene Instinct S Tennis Racquet

For intermediate level players looking for a comfortable and responsive racquet, the Head YOUTEK Graphene Instinct S tennis racquet is a really impressive option. The use of graphene in the shaft and frame keeps this racquet on the lighter side meaning that it does not affect a player’s mobility and makes the racquet conducive to rapid racquet head speed. This lightened nature also makes the racquet hugely impressive at the net, as it improves a player’s ability to adjust quickly and get set in position. Both at the net and on the baseline, the 102 square inch head adds a further dimension to this racquet through adding control by virtue of providing a larger hitting area and forgiving feel. As with much of the YOUTEK Graphene range, this racquet also has a head heavy balance, meaning that what weight there is in the racquet is optimised for generating pace and power through the ball.


Source: rackets