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Babolat Overdrive 110 Tennis Racquet

Unlike the 105, the Babolat Overdrive 110 tennis racquet is built for power. The 110 has an over-sized racquet head to provide an ample sweet spot from which to unleash powerful strokes in base line rallies. The extended 27.5″ length is another factor which adds to the astonishing power provided by this racquet. Together with this power, the Babolat Overdrive 110 is also a very stable racquet, making dead-handed volleys at the net easy to execute and punishing to your opponent. This emphasis on power together with its excellence as a volleying racquet make the Babolat Overdrive 110 a wonderful racquet for doubles play as well as a singles. The extended length also increases the amount of spin which it is possible to impart on the ball with this racquet. Overall, the Overdrive 110 is the ideal racquet for a beginner or someone who wishes to develop their game based on power.  


Source: rackets