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Babolat C-Drive 105 Tennis Racquet

The Babolat C-Drive range is made up of excellent racquets at great prices and the Babolat C-Drive 105 tennis racquet is no exception. It is a lightweight and maneuverable racquet designed for developing junior players. To this end, the C-Drive 105 provides high levels of power, coupled with increased stability. This stability is enhanced by Babolat’s Side Cortex technology. This is a variation on their Active Cortex technology whereby the dampening system is moved to the sides of the racquet in order to decrease unpleasant vibrations caused by not striking the ball in the heart of the racquet. The racquet is also nicely ballanced to allow the younger player ease of swing and generous power. The difference between this racquet and the 102 is that thet he C-Drive 105 is given a striking appearance by its electric blue, black and white paintjob.


Source: rackets